Saturday, March 3, 2012

Celebrating Myself

This is my entry for the contest " Celebrating Myself"

I am Happy Stay at Home Mom…. And that’s my greatest achievement…

Little bit of my history… I am from a very average family… the one where girls and boys are treated at par to the extent, I used to do all things that my bro did… e.g. changing my two wheeler’s wheel when it got punctured… My father I think earned just enough that he could support our education and other things… I do not remember my mom going out and buying saris.

I was told very early in my life, that I have to educate myself very well and stand on feet so that I should not be financially dependent on anybody…. The first task was achieved…. I completed my studies, as an integral part of my studies I had to work for 3 years… So I started working from an age of 18, not to earn money, but to learn, my stipend was Rs. 300/- which did not even over my petrol expenses.

I worked for 10 years continuously, only the breaks were for my exams and marriage. After 10 years, I was advised bed-rest during last trimester of my pregnancy…. This was the first time ever, that I was at home and not in office. I continued to work from my bed for nearly 2 months after that, nobody had forced me to work, infact I was on leave, but I worked out of sheer habit. Two months after my son was born I started working from home for around 2 hours daily, to tide over a crisis at work… and when my son was 3 months old I started working full time from home….

This continued for around 1 year 9 months, after which I left my job, because it was just not possible for me to work and look after my child at the same time. The day my resignation was approved and the last day at my work I cried the whole night…. because I did not know what to do… the thought of sitting at home doing nothing and that I would be dependent on my husband financially scared me…

But slowly I started to enjoy the time I got with my son, I started to enjoy (a little) cooking, and various other things, which I never ever did in last 12 years… Last 2 years, if my husband planned a trip I did not have to juggle my work. The break gave me freedom to do what I wanted… It rejuvenated me… I am enjoying the ME time, which I would have not got if I was working… For his part, my husband made sure that I did not have to ask for money, he planned our finances in such a way that I was independent, just the way I was when I was working, I think this made me fall in love all over again.

Now when I am at a junction, where I am planning to re-enter corporate life, think this 2 years of learning, who am I, were greatest years of my life… I did get depressed during initial months, but with everybody’s support, I grew to be a good Mom…

I am really proud of the fact, me after being a (I think) a good corporate employee, I became a good Stay at Home Mom…


  1. Hi Smita
    lovely be a stay-at-home mom is one of my lifetime dreams....
    hope it will come true one day...

    Keep writing and all the best for the contest

    1. very cute.all the best for the contest.

  2. Welcome to blogging. The write up was very nice..!

  3. Glad you got this opportunity to enjoy a side of you, you did not expect to... 'me time' is precious.

  4. I agree with IHM! "Me time" is very precious and needs to be well spent... glad for you :)

  5. Nice one....being a SAHM myself I can relate to this 'Me time' part.... :)